Privacy Policy!

By subscribing to our WhatsApp service you'll get information about our trading signals, overall performance and other interesting information directly on your smartphone.

Which data is being used by whom and what for?

For our news ticker we comissioned the service provider WhatsBroadcast which uses your phone number to send our messages to you. For further information and WhatsBroadcast's privacy statement, please go here. WhatsBroadcast can use personal data stored in WhatsApp, especially first and last name, terminal device, profile picture and the messages exchanged via WhatsBroadcast.

WhatsApp in turn independently collects data. You can find out more about the service's purpose and extend of the collecting of this data as well as the processing and use of this data, your rights and individual settings to protect your privacy directly from WhatsApp. You can find WhatsApp's privacy statement here. After you have subscribed to our signal service on WhatsApp, we solely store your phone number and your name. The phone number is only being used for sending information related to our service, we don't pass it on and it is not visible to other subscribers. Our information is being sent out via a broadcast list and not a messaging group, other subscribers therefore don't see your phone number.

Yu can unsubscribe to this service at any time.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time by sending the word "Stop" to us on WhatsApp. If you additionally want all data to be deleted from the data base, please send "DELETE ALL DATA".